Midnight Pond Lullaby

About two months and a few days. The age of our knowing each other. Still so new, so unaware of so many parts of the other. The eye of the flashlight curves around his back jean pockets, the leather brand tag under the right side belt loop worn and illegible, a white square on the lower pocket where the wallet would bulge out. But, he’s left it in the glovebox of the car, under the driver’s manual.

I was going to ask him about this extra precaution. Why the hiding? If they’d already gone through all the trouble to break into the car, to pry into every corner, they’d probably take the time to lift up the owner’s manual as well. It could be a well known treasure spot for car burglars. A trick of the trade. Always check under the car guide to get to the good stuff. And besides, the trunk seemed the safest place to me. I didn’t ask though. Too soon for our young romance. Taking him here on this night presented a big enough risk.

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