Content Writing


From lists of advice to travel stories, my content for explores the culture and daily goings-on of life in Istanbul. The multi-cultural audience of this website has grown exponentially leading to an increase and demand and topics for all the contributors.


Even in a city as crowded and crazy as Istanbul, there is a growing trend of environmentally aware citizens who want to live greener lives and keep informed about the issues facing the natural world. With this in mind, I contribute bi-weekly pieces called ‘Tips from my Environmentalist Mom’ giving advice on what the average person can do to go green.

Kabak Bay

Near the south-western tip of Turkey lies a steep valley sloping from craggy mountains to the Mediterranean waters below. A small inlet called Kabak Bay, where the cool waters of the Aegean have given way to the bathing waters of the Med. What started has a camping area for dusty travellers and hippies has grown into a popular natural holiday destination out of the city and away from the crowds. This website gives advice about all the amenities available to visitors of Kabak Bay.

Food Crossed Lovers

Living in a mega city like Istanbul, my husband and I never gave much time to cooking before we first met. Breakfast and lunch were bought on the go between work and commuting. At dinner time, we were often still out and eating with friends or alone at cheap cafeteria-style restaurants which can be found all around the city. However, after we began dating, the kitchen became a common place for us to spend quality time together. First preparing breakfast together and soon after dinner as well. Often bickering over the best preparation methods and the mixing of our culinary backgrounds, we decided to open a blog to share our recipes and compromises made between Turkish cuisine and my interest in experimentation with many food styles.

Kefir Kitchen

Kefir is a traditional pro-biotic beverage I first tasted in Turkey. A yogurt-like drink native to the Black Sea region, Turkish people have been taking it daily as a preventative and cure-all medicine. I take the time to prepare it at home because it is a feel good drink. This website is a freelance content-writing project to provide information which educates people about and promotes the consumption of kefir milk. My collaborator and I are also in the process of researching recipes which include kefir milk for this website.

Bangor Metro

While residing in Maine, I had the opportunity to contribute to a local magazine which includes content about the people, culture and events of this state. I interviewed both amateur and professional bakers and cooks who were living in the area and providing delicious sustenance to their customers or family and friends. After spending a couple hours chatting and watching them prepare their speciality, I wrote an article about their background, love of food and, of course, the recipe.


While teaching in Japan, the editors of the local English magazine approached me to compile and prepare an article about soy and vinegar products’ importance and production in Japan. With the help of an interpreter, I interviewed three manufacturers of these products, including tofu, natto (a sticky fermented soy bean dish) and drinking vinegar, and prepared a rather lengthy and in-depth article about their facilities and my own experience with the products.